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Diyana Yohannes from the United Kingdom: “My 65-year- old mum, Hideat Gebreslasie, had been down with a kidney condition for the past four years. This ailment had caused her severe pains and swelling on some parts of her body. When I heard about the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, I quickly registered her and prepared her heart to receive her miracle. During the program, I stood in the gap for her; received every word of healing spoken, and was assured that her healing had taken place. Glory to God! My mother received her healing by the power of God. After the live Healing Services, the doctors checked her and she was declared perfect and normal. Since then, she’s been off all medications. The pains and swelling are no more. She is absolutely normal. I’ll like to thank the Lord for the man of God, Pastor Chris, for his love and compassion towards the sick and hurting around the world. Joy and happiness are back in our home. Thank you so much, Pastor, I love you, sir!”
Prasad Sardesai from India: “For over 31 years of my life, I was addicted to smoking. Every day, it seemed as if I couldn’t help myself. Smoking was the order of the day for me and it was truly frustrating because I wanted to overcome this addiction. Someday, I heard about the Healing School Prayer Network and I decided to be a part of it. Recently, during one of the prayer sessions, we had in the network – amazingly, this happened to also be the same time for the 3-day fasting and prayer program with Pastor Chris, my life took a new turn and I was completely transformed inside out. I suddenly developed a distaste for smoking, and I knew it could only be by the power of God. The way I joined the prayer session in itself was miraculous; in fact, I believe it was the Holy Spirit that logged me into that prayer session. Now, I am free from smoking. I thank Pastor Chris for this wonderful platform where we can pray and have our lives changed forever. Glory to God!”
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